SJL Photography | About
What makes SJL Photography so special....
SJL Photography is a genuine family run business.
We have kids and pets so we know how to photograph them.
With our extensive experience in the glamour and fashion photography world if you are looking for the glamorous look, we can create any image you desire.
With our new fully portable studio we can take stunning high key shots (like to one to the left) in your own home.
You can also purchase SJL Photography's Aviation prints through this website.

Scott is a Canon Professional Services Certified Photographer who has been published and recognised all over the world, he loves to combine his two favourite pastimes, aviation and photography to create some stunning images.
His portrait and aviation pictures are sold and displayed by many galleries and organisations from the UK to America and Australia.

SJL Photography can offer:
* View your prints online within 24 hours of the shoot.
* Full digital post-production including digital re-touching, re-shaping, blemish removal, skin softening and virtually any form of photo effect you desire.
* No set packages - every shoot is customised to your own personal needs.
* Your prints transferred onto amazing canvas, acrylic or aluminium that make a stunning centre piece in your home and preserve your images forever.
* Special make-over packages available with your hair, nails and make-up professionally done and then off to your own personal photo shoot.
* All photo shoots on a one to one basis but you are welcome to bring a friend.